Hi I am Sarah and I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for 20 years, but with medication and a Tyramine free diet I now have my life under control.

This blog is about information and recipes relating to the book: Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain by David Buchholz, MD. I have had trouble getting information about the amino acid Tyramine that causes all the trouble so I am creating this blog to help others that suffer like me. I will be blogging ingredients that are available in Australia and talking about the foods that work and are giving me a pain free life.

good new PDF source of information of Tyramine:


I hope people find it helpful.

may 2015,

So I have been on this diet for a while now and have had some really low points and some really high points. At the moment things are going really well I have just tried loosening up on the diet a bit after being very sick with migraines all the time for a couple of months. I have just this month started eating plain commercially made supermarket bread and have been fine. Also Colby cheese, milo and tomato paste, it might not seem like very much but it feels like a revolution to me after a couple of years on such a restricted diet. I will start blogging the new things that I have been eating soon.

August 2015,

I’ll just add a note to that post that – the big trigger that I had been missing for years was soy. I was a soya milk drinker and not realising that this was causing migraines. So I now have removed all soy products and have seen a huge improvement. I have been so well I have even started eating chocolate which I love and thought I couldn’t eat for years. I only eat organic milk chocolate (the dark is to much) with no artificial colours, flavours or additives.


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  1. Sarah, you have the wrong author listed for the “Heal Your Headache” book. The author is David Buchholz, MD. and his list of allowed foods includes ricotta cheese.

    • Thanks so much for reading my blog and helping me correct some points. It is so hard to get information on the tyramine diet it is great that more people are now looking into it. Sorry for the very slow reply I have been with work the first half of the year.

  2. So happy I stumbled upon your blog! I used to get awful, awful migraines so I really sympathise with your position! Loving the diet approached to all sorts of maladies. I’m newly vegan myself, so find anything relating to this v. encouraging! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • hello there, thanks for the support. If I stick to this diet I am migraine free, I still have to watch the sugar intake though so there is no blood sugar spikes. Something vegans love is sugar. Migrainers though have to eat regularly and on time, so blood sugar levels stay even. I find this to be most difficult to control when working hard physically and I usually always get a migraine when running etc. Also I still get migraines when a light shines directly into my eye or to the side of my eye. But the diet has given me control over what is actually making me sick most of the time which has given me pain free days and weeks in a row.
      Good luck

  3. Have just entered a search and found your website. I suddenly feel I may get my life back. I have been suffering Migraines for about 15 yrs, recently (last 12 month) it has been a daily occurence in various degrees of intensity. I found through a diary the triggers and it seems that Tyramine may be my enemy. I shall read up on all of these recipes and tips from you all but what I wanted to say is thank you!!, Good luck to you all
    Annie (Oxford, UK)

    • Hello Annie
      So glad to be of help, as the blog is here to try and help me eat better and also of course help others. Now that Uni is over for another year I will be blogging more frequently again. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  4. Thank you SO much for this blog. I have had migraine for over 40 years and I am embarrassed to say I have only figured out how much tyramines affect me in the last 6 months. But, good heavens, what relief! Bless you for your work.

    Have any opinion about chia seed? Heal Your Headache says seeds are okay, but I don’t think so.

    • Hello there I have had no problem with chia seeds the only other seed that is ok is sunflower seeds. Good luck with the new diet, any suggestions please let me know.


  5. Wonderful blog! Thanks Sarah
    I suffer chronic daily migraines & am now getting serious about my diet (ie eliminating tyramine which is a key trigger for me)…
    Can you advise on what bread you buy?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Taryn
      Sorry to hear about the migraines and I hope the tyramine diet works for you. About the bread I eat crumpets, mountain bread, roti chapathi and the soda bread that I make (recipe on website). I eat nothing with yeast in it although some sites say you can eat some commercial yeasts. I have tried eating these in the past with no positive results. Once you are well and have the migraines under control you can try eating a commercial bread one day and then not again for two days and see what the results are. You can do this with other things on the list too, to see how tolerant you are.

      hope this helps

  6. I have searched every list on the web so would have found it on a list there somewhere. I just tried to make a complete list when information we not so readily available. Try them they might be ok. I will research green apples again and get back to you.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing Sarah! Your succes in figuring out your migraine triggers is an inspiration as I embark on the same journey. I too am felling a bit confused by the incomplete and conflicting tyramine lists out there. I have had daily migraines for the past 14 months and only in the last week have I learned about tyramines. I just discovered your blog today and have bookmarked it. Wishing you a pain free and enjoyable day – everyday, Sheila
    Portland Oregon USA

    • I wish you luck on your new diet. Let me know how you get on, and please send any suggestions through. I am hitting my third year now of being tyramine free most of the time, and are now just recently preventive drug free. I still laps and eat something I shouldn’t and always pay the price. Here’s hoping for a real cure soon.

    • I wanted to know how your progress has been on the low tyramine diet. I have had migraines for over 25 years and could use any more info or tips you might have. I started 5 days ago with the low tryamine diet. I used to live in Corvallis Oregon and I know reside in Northern CA.

      • Hi there,

        I have had great results on the low tyramine diet and had great results straight away. I went from being in bed for two weeks with a migraine to going on the diet and my head just lifting out of that food poison migraine in a day or two.

        The big killer for that two weeks in bed was a new bread maker that we had just got in the house, and of course we were making and eating the fresh bread. This type of yeast of course is a big NO on the low tyramine diet. So it was easy to spot the problem once a friend sent me through a link to a tyramine blog.

        I still find it hard to eat out and take food with me where ever I go – it is just not worth a migraine.

        I work a lot, run an art gallery and artist residency and am a practicing artist so I am a very busy person. I started the blog really for myself as I was only eating chicken and chips. I would love to do more on here but find it very difficult to find the time. At the moment I am making an effort to do more even if it is just to say I eat this.

        I hope you feel better soon and start to take control of your migraines like I have, as it is a great feeling.

        Best wishes
        Sarah from Australia

  8. What about garbanzo beans (aka chick peas)? My interest is in MAOI medication. There seems to be a lot of contradictory information, and I wonder if it is partly because some high-tyramine-food lists are based on people’s experience re migraine triggers, and there might be other triggers for migraine than tyramine?

  9. I am trying the low tyramine diet as we speak. Your website is a useful tool. Some of the other websites are confusing because they have different food on the foods to avoid list. I have had chronic migraines for the last 25 years. I appreciate the time and energy you have spent trying to help all of us with migraines.


    • Cider vinegar is not a tyramine but a Tannin which is another nasty in the migraine world.

      Red apples and pears: Tannins are a migraine culprit in red-skinned fruits, apple juices, red grape wines, and apple ciders.
      Tannins: Researchers believe that plant-based tannins are a common trigger for many migraine sufferers. Tannins occur naturally in the skins of beans, red wine grapes, chocolate, teas, and many red-skinned fruits. Tannins give many foods a sour, mouth-puckering sensation.

      decaf tea is also in the Tannin category.
      decaffeinated coffee is safe for a low tannin, low-histamine and low-tyramine diet.

      1 out of 3 ain’t bad!


  10. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for your reply. I have been using raw apple cider vinegar my everyday for overall health because I have restlegs and it seems the organic raw acv has helped a lot with addressing that problem. I have been drinking decaf tea once a day and small portions of apples without the skin sometimes. But I have been cutting out almost all tyramine containing food/products. It’s been two weeks with only one migraine. I think the tannins except for dark chocolate and wine are ok. I am used to getting at least 10-14 migraines a month. I don’t want to get too excited but I think I am off to a good start.

  11. Hi Sarah,

    Is it possible to connect with other people whom are on the low /no tyramine diet? Again.. thank you for taking the time to reply. I understand you are busy and I am grateful to be able to send messages when first embarking on a tyramine free diet.

    Northern California

  12. Hello, Sarah!

    I stumbled across your website while searching for a tyramine-cranberry connection and am glad I found your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ lists. I’ve browsed your site and agree with you that the information found at various websites is sometimes contradictory, and don’t know if that is because different people have different sensitivities, or if it simply isn’t clear to the medical profession which foods do/don’t pose a problem.

    Like many, I’ve had headache problems off and on for years, but only within the last two years was it diagnosed as migraine (I didn’t know how a migraine differed from ‘just a headache’) and only in the last 6 months did I learn the word “tyramine”. So much of this is new to me.

    I read David Buchholz’s “heal your headache” book but have found another which I feel is better written and more informative. It is “Dealing with Food Allergies” by Janice Vickerstaff Joneja, PhD, RD. It covers many food allergies and food sensitivities, including tyramine and histamines. In the book are her lists of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ foods, which are similar to but not identical to yours.

    I think the great value in her book, however, may turn out to be detailed test plan she includes to isolate and identify the individual foods which are causing the problem. It will be time-consuming, because each newly introduced food item can take days of testing to identify and categorize. I plan on beginning this test regimen in a few weeks once I detoxify from all of the bad stuff I consumed during the Christmas Holidays. I thought I was being careful, but something slipped in and got me. I think it was the cranberries or the nutmeg. Probably both.

    You have published your lists and they are very helpful. Did you identify these foods through some sort of rigorous testing procedure, or are you prescient enough to remember what you’ve consumed and have managed to isolate the bad ones? I’m never sure what affected me, because there seems to be a significant delay between ingesting and being affected.

    Thanks for putting this information out into the world for people like me to find.

    Virginia, USA

    • Hi Tim
      Thanks for visiting my blog, but sorry to hear that there is another sufferer out there. I made my Yes and No lists, from trolling every authentic website about tyramine I could find and made these master lists out of all that infomation.

      Hope you are well


  13. Has anyone experienced severe, throbbing pain in the back of the head/neck as a reaction to tyramine? Have suffered most of my life with migraines and these severe back of head/neck aches which I mistakenly classified as cluster headaches due to the intensity. Embarassingly, have only realized tyramine is a trigger in the last 3 months and with the removal of tyramine I have seen amazing relief.

    • Yes Robert that is common I think. I too have a Migraine that starts at the top of the neck and if unchecked moves on to the front of my head. It seems the tyramine diet free is a huge help in reducing a lot of migraines. Thank goodness people are now talking and blogging about it.

  14. Hi there, i’m about to try following a low tyramine diet to help ease my frequent migraines. I drink quite a bit of soya milk, so I’m a little confused as soya milk is on your “yes” list but above your post says soya milk was causing your migraines? Should I be cutting this out of my diet?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for compiling all of this useful information πŸ™‚

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