I have a new lease on life after watching Cooked, a four part tv documentary by Michael Pollan. The first episode called Fire for us migraine suffers makes the most sense . I have been eating 90% cooked food since watching the show and have not yet (touch wood) had a migraine. I have kept to the tyramine list and have been cooking a mixture of rice and pulses and vegies every night and having left overs cold the next day for lunch. I feel full not low in sugar and my brain has been quiet and happy. Next I am going to try baking sour dough bread from the Air episode so keep posted – imagine eating real bread again.

Ingredients in this meal:

red rice
brown rice
red cabbage
corn cut of the cob
spring onion
salt, pepper, cumin,

The flat bread is just the chinese spring onoin pancake recipe which I now make all the time but throw different flours and fresh herbs in.

Flours: rice, coconut, wholewheat. Herbs: springonion, coriander, garlic.


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