lettuce wrapped sushi

I have been working on the idea of tyramine free Sushi for a long time as sushi is so fresh and and tasty. We have a great variety of lettuce in the garden at the moment and for the first time wasabi lettuce which was perfect to try here.

Wasabi Lettuce on the Left Butter Crunch on the right


1 cup of rice (I like to cook 1/2 cup medium grain white 1/2 cup medium grain brown)
vegies julienne cut:
spring onion

If you like sashimi roll put some fresh salmon or tuna in.

Vinegar mixture

2 table spoons white vinegar
1 teaspoon white sugar
good pinch of salt
add all together mix well.

Cook the rice absorption method in the sauce pan or like I do in the rice cooker.
Once cooked add the vinegar mixture and stir through. Set aside to cool. 

It helps a lot with the stickyness if you plastic wrap the sushi mat.
place the lettuce to about half way on the mat. 

place the cooled sticky rice on top of the lettuce. In a row 1/3 down the rice add all the fresh cut ingredients.

roll up the mat with everything inside very tightly. Chill in fridge in the mat for 10 minutes before cutting into short rolls.

A variation is to put a layer of toasted sunflower seeds down first then the rice then the lettuce then the fresh ingredients.


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