Fried eggs

Sorry it has been a while since I have done any posting, but I am back and I thought that I would start with some breakfast ideas. I have had a lot of headaches from eating cornflakes and packaged breakfasts that I thought should have been safe, but turned out to be a migraine inducing material. I now take 2 crumpets with me if a have to eat out at a cafe as it is very hard to order a tyramine free option. Most cafes have been really understanding and happy to serve their eggs on my crumpets.

crumpets & eggs

I never buy too many eggs at a time because you have to eat them fresh, just like everything else. If freezing the crumpets I put a small square of baking paper between each crumpet, this makes it very easy to separate just one or two crumpets when you want them. Just keep the dividers to use again next time.

fried eggs

fried eggs

You can do the eggs anyway you like, I just prefer fried at the moment and I think it tastes better on the crumpets.
These are fried in a little olive oil.

fried eggs on crumpets

Serve on lightly buttered crumpets and garnish with fresh chives and salt and pepper to taste. I like a cold glass of rice milk with breakfast.







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