Vietnamese Spring Rolls

If you are heading out and need to take a plate these Vietnamese Spring Rolls are always popular.

rice paper rollsyou can fill the spring rolls with whatever you like but here are a few suggestions that I like.

fresh ingredients

fresh ingredients


rice noodles
rice paper
tofu (make sure it is fresh)
spring onion
Thai Mint
grated beetroot
roasted sunflower seeds
grated fresh ginger

First thing to do is boil the jug. Place rice noodles in a bowl (about 1/2 the packet) cover with boiling water, then cover with pot lid. Leave to soften for about 10 minutes. When they are soft and ready to eat drain the water off really well, set aside to cool ( once cool you might need to squeeze the excess water out of the noodles).

soak a couple of rice papers at a time in cold to warm water.

place the rice paper on a clean tea towel.

put the noodles and the fresh ingredients in the middle of the rice paper fold in the end, fold in the sides and roll.


2 thoughts on “Vietnamese Spring Rolls

  1. How do you keep your spring rolls from sticking to each other?
    I sometimes make them, but always for immediate eating, as I never seem to get be able to store them without damaging them one way or another…

    • I don’t anything special to the rice paper. I think it is all to do with the quality of the brand you buy. I always buy the brand with the red rose on the front. also I need to fix that photo now that I have looked around other blogs and seen how it is done!

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